Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement Programs

PACE programs compensate property owners for keeping their land available for agriculture. Typically, PACE programs consider soil quality, threat of development and future agricultural viability when selecting farms for protection. They are usually administered by state or local governments but may also be operated by private conservation organizations. The Farmland Information Center conducts an annual survey of State PACE programs and tracks their activity.

Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement Programs

State-Level Program Activity Totals 2015 2016 2017 2018
Easements or Restrictions Acquired 14,541 15,020 15,551 16,065
Acres Protected 2,579,878 2,672,364 2,799,539 2,943,019
Program Funds Spent to Date $3,887,170,187 $3,969,625,889 $4,103,081,243 $4,245,393,339
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