Farms Under Threat

Farms Under Threat is American Farmland Trust's multi-year initiative to complete the most comprehensive assessment of the loss of U.S. farmland and ranchland ever undertaken, both past and future. AFT's goal is to document the threats and offer policy solutions to ensure the long-term protection and conservation of agricultural land in the United States to sustain an expanding population and protect biodiversity. This report examines the nation's irreversible loss of agricultural land to development between 1992 and 2012.

Farms Under Threat

Land Cover/Use Urban Development Low Density Residential Total Developed
Cropland 7,408,000 4,385,000 11,793,000
Pastureland 4,662,000 4,379,000 9,041,000
Rangeland 4,285,000 1,408,000 5,693,000
Woodland 1,674,000 2,527,000 4,201,000
Total agricultural land 18,029,000 12,698,000 30,727,000
Forestland 5,107,000 9,739,000 14,846,000
Other 2,463,000 1,297,000 3,761,000
Total 25,600,000 23,735,000 49,335,000
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