Minnesota Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Statute

The Minnesota Beginning Farmer Tax Credit provides tax credits for the rent or sale of farm land or a variety of farm assets to beginning farmers. This includes incentives for the sale of farm land.

This statute is slated to expire after taxable years beginning after December 31, 2023.

New Hampshire Current Use Taxation

Open space land imposes few if any costs on local government and is therefore an economic benefit to its citizens. The means for encouraging preservation of open space authorized by this chapter is the assessment of land value for property taxation on the basis of current use. It is the intent of this chapter to … Continued

Vermont Public Act No. 174 (2016)

This act, which was signed into law, was created to integrate energy development and land use planning. The act encourages efficient use of energy, provides for the development of renewable energy resources, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

New Jersey Senate Bill 2276 (2016)

This bill modifies New Jersey’s solar renewable energy portfolio standards. S2276 increases SREC requirements for New Jersey retail electric suppliers and is likely to increase demand for solar installations.  This bill was subject to a Governor’s pocket veto in January 2018.

Will We Miss It Before Its Gone?

On November 6, 2001, nearly 1.3 million voters in 14 states approved state and local ballot measures that generated $905 million in funding for new land protection. But in Ohio, open space measures were defeated in four counties, including a purchase of development rights (PDR) program in Wayne County, where a well-designed and locally supported … Continued

How to Create and Implement Healthy General Plans: A Toolkit for Building Healthy, Vibrant Communities Through Land Use Policy Change

General plans can be tools to help guide development, and the general planning process can be an effective forum in which local governments can facilitate this new partnership. Still, these are only part of a long-term strategy for incorporating health considerations into planning and development. This toolkit provides not only advice on how to include … Continued

Sustaining Our Agricultural Bounty: An Assessment of the Current State of Farming and Ranching in the San Francisco Bay Area

To accommodate the region’s expected growth, strong land-use policies are needed to not only protect agricultural land, but also to foster an environment that allows local farms to succeed. Bay Area farms, most of which are small operations, must overcome unique disadvantages that their rural counterparts may not have to face. These challenges include development … Continued

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